Share your Challenge!

Join the Community & Share a Challenge to Learning the Land that you’d like to challenge others to try too.

Simply include your name and email and select which school you are from, using the dropdown. Then use the word processor to write your entry. You can include up to 5 pictures in each post, to document yourself doing the challenge, (pictures cannot be larger than 2000 pixels by 2000 pixels).

Once you have submitted your post, we will review it to make sure it fits within our terms of submission, and your name will be entered in a draw for monthly prize giveaways. Your post will be published to Learning the Land blog, and if we get enough entries, we will create a Challenges showcase page and add to your school’s Showcase page too.

Terms of Submission

Before you click submit, make sure your post doesn’t break any of these rules!

1. Who can post?

You must be a student or teacher at one of the following schools involved in order for your post to be accepted.

  • Asiniw-Kisik Education Complex
  • Chief Gabriel Cote Education Complex
  • Muskowekwan School
  • Pheasant Rump School
  • White Bear Education Complex

2. What can I post?

Your posts CAN include:

  • Art (drawings, paintings, sculptures, crafts, etc)
  • Music that was made in or important to your community (lyrics, links to YouTube videos, etc)
  • Stories about events and occurrances at your school or in your community
  • Photographs (of field trips, nature photos, class projects, etc)
  • Writing (poems, short stories, recipes, etc made in your community)

3. What is not allowed?

Your posts can NOT include any of the following:

  • Profanity (swear words)
  • Explicit Content (sexual references, naked images/pictures of a sexual nature)
  • Violent Content (fighting, blood, weapons, threats, etc)
  • Illegal Content (anything relating to drugs, alcohol, controlled substances, etc)
  • Personal Information of Students (full names, addresses, phone numbers, etc)